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New RXC-3080-Trbo with Virtual DTMF signaling works with Motorola MotoTRBO portable and mobile radios in true digital mode.



Mobile Alert Systems

Solar powered, self-contained and designed to operate in some of the most extreme environments, Genave Mobile Alert Systems stand ready to deliver high power alert signals and live or recorded messages wherever they're needed.

Available on VHF, UHF radio channels, license-free digital wireless activation and other radio bands, they can also interface and activate from external controls such as SCADA systems and distributed sensors.

  • 20 different siren & alarm sounds standard and can mix with customized. signals.
  • VHF and UHF models deliver live messages.
  • Digital voice playback module stores up to 98 custom messages or alarm sounds.

A solar charging system works to keep the system ready even on cloudy days. There is also a "shore power" connection so you can power the unit from 110-240 volts ac as well. The ac connection is often used to keep the batteries at full capacity and ready when stored indoors between deployments.


Deploys Quickly - Fast Setup

With trailer weights of 3000 lb. or less they can be towed by most SUV's and light pickup trucks. They are also equipped with lifting and chain down points for moving with forklift, crane and semi-trailers. and are sized to comfortably fit into intermodal shipping containers.

Once on-site it takes about fifteen minutes to setup. The stabilizing outriggers are set then the powered mast lifts the speaker array high into the air with a flip of a switch. A final system check and its ready to go.


Flexible Activation


The eight channel system can be activated by ....

  • Portable radios.
  • Dispatch centers.
  • Emergency push button stations.
  • Mobile radios.
  • License free digital wireless.
  • Encrypted mesh radio network.
  • Local push button or key switch.
  • Time-clock activation.

In many instances the system can be tuned to use your existing radio channel. Live messages and control can be limited to specific users such as supervisors, HSE, emergency managers and others.

Activation range can be suited to your requirements from local buttons up to remote control from anywhere in the world.



Easy to Use

Training is fast. Supervisors have full control of the system and can quickly familiarize everyone on how to operate the system in addition to training the group to identify the various signals, messages and actions required if activated.

  ert-3-training ert-2 training ert-operating



Distributed System - Control, add or move as needed

Each unit is completely independent and self-contained. They can be moved or additional units added without reprogramming or changing the system. In dynamic situations they can be quickly moved as the area or workflow changes.

While the Mobile Alert System can work as a stand-alone device, it can also integrate with other alert and control devices as well. Other devices can provide coverage at spots where extra emphasis is required to overcome high background noise in a particular area or inside buildings and remote locations.

distributed systems


Mobile Alert System

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