Free Format Control

Free Format Control

Genave RXC decoders and controllers do not force you into using any particular paging format. We give you the ability to mix and match:

All of the above can be done at the same time, to any action. You have total and precise control to mix, match and mate the control codes to your application.

How is it done?

Two-tone – Single-Tone

When designing the GOS-2 computer operating system for the RXC processor, we decided to make it independent of any particular paging scheme. Rather than forcing you to use a pre-determined paging format, the RXC gives you the option to use a particular existing format, mix formats or use any type of non-standard audio tones and timings to develop your own paging scheme.

The RXC receives all control and paging codes, instantly converting them into digital form as they arrive. As the codes are converted they are passed to the computer which scans it’s memory looking for a match. Since the received codes are now totally converted to digital form for the processor, it’s child’s play for the computer to perform a free format search using the tone frequency and tone timing of each page.

Once a match is made, the RXC processor initiates the actions you programmed to occur (relays closing, begin timing, send messages, etc), at the same time it continues to monitor and process all incoming commands and paging codes for any further actions.

All of this happens in less than a blink of an eye, and with our exclusive “Deep Stack” technology, the RXC can handle a massive amount of paging and command codes without missing a beat. All this power gives you the ability and flexibility to perform radio remote functions and actions which have never before been possible. While most applications may only require a standard paging sequence, the RXC gives you the ability to go beyond.



Just like the Two-tone and Single-tone independence, we designed the RXC to give you total Free Form Control with DTMF signaling. While some manufactures force you to use only six, eight or ten digits, or force you to use a particular DTMF character in a given position, Genave gives you total control and works with you to get the job done. DTMF command codes can:

In other words, you can again mix, match and mate any of the above as necessary to fine tune your application and make it work exactly as you want.