New Models - MotoTRBO

New RXC-3080-Trbo with Virtual DTMF signaling works with Motorola MotoTRBO portable and mobile radios in true digital mode.



Installing the ComStarG™ programming software

ComStarG™ works on computers running either Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows 7.



On Computers with Windows AutoStart enabled.

  1. Insert the CD disc containing the ComStarG program into the computer's optical drive.
  2. The disc will automatically begin loading.
  3. Follow the on-screen directions to finish loading the program.


Computers where Windows AutoStart is disabled.

  1. Insert the ComStarG disc into your CD drive.
  2. Open Windows Explorer (programs->Accessories->Windows Explorer) then locate and run the SETUP.exe program located on you optical drive.
  3. The setup program will automatically install the program and place a "Quick-start" icon on your desktop.



ComStarG Privacy Information

ComStarG DOES NOT change the registry on your computer.

ComStarG DOES NOT place any cookies on your computer.

ComStarG DOES NOT send any information out via the Internet.

Genave DOES NOT use ComStarG to track or monitor anything on your computer.

Your computer DOES NOT need to be attached to the Internet to install or use ComStarG.

Genave designed ComStarG to be a benign as possible. We designed it to be a useful tool, and not to be intrusive. It does not collect any information nor does it transmit any information from your computer. In fact it has no ability to access the Internet at all. We value your Internet privacy as much as our own.

Note. While ComStarG does not affect your computer's registry, the USB driver necessary for Windows™ may make a new registry entry.



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