Alert 150-AC


Indoor / Outdoor Siren

The Alert 150-AC is a feature rich siren that we’ve made
simple to use, simple to install and easy to buy.

The basic configuration of the siren incorporates our
MP3 Node with a 320 Watt power supply and our 150
Watt rugged amplifier, coupled with the easiest to
install head assembly available.

The siren can be configured as a stand-alone unit
or add an LR900 Node and upgrade the unit for long
range wireless control. Pair the Alert 150-AC with
an RXC-3000 and you will have a siren that can be
controlled from Police Departments, EMS and portable

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  • Total Power Output: 150 Watts
  • Number of Speakers: 4
  • Sound Range: 1/4 mile*
  • Voltage In: 100 to 240 VAC
  • * Sound range is variable depending on config and background noise
  • Additional Details

  • Head can be mounted directly on a 2.5" rigid pipe
  • Head can be suspended from a ceiling, wood pole, ect...
  • Electronics can drive any 70 volt speaker
  • Resources

    Hardware Manual



    Alert 150 Brochure



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