Emergency Response Trailer

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The Emergency Response Trailer (ERT) is a fully self-contained mobile siren that easily deploys in just a few minutes, accepts Solar or AC power and packs a punch with its integrated Genave Alert-600 siren.

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  • Weight: approximately 2300lbs
  • Maximum height of speaker array: 26ft
  • Deployed footprint: 8' x 8'
  • Range: Up at a quarter of a mile
  • Coupling: 2" ball standard, NATO ring or international Lunette available
  • Vehicle connection: flat 4 way connector
  • Shore Power: 110V 5A max
  • Tire size: 15"
  • Additional Details

  • Used for quick deployment or temporary deployment of a high powered outdoor siren.
  • A truly autonomous product that can be powered via Solar, Shore power or a combination of both.
  • The siren can be configured for activation via ENC-3300, SR-418, LR900, even satellite.
  • Equipped with an extremely large battery, the ERT can withstand long duration deployment in the field, even if the sun is obscured in inclement weather.
  • The ERT is equipped with the High Powered Genave Alert 600 siren with a range of up to 1/4 mile.
  • For easy towing, the ERT can be towed behind almost every vehicle and can even be towed via ATV to remotely accessed areas.
  • Resources

    Hardware Manual