Two Tone Detector Module

Discontinued item.

When your products need to detect 2-Tone signals, the addition of a TTDMOD to your Genave Product is all you need.

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  • Accuracy: >0.2%
  • Selectivity, adj: 0 to 3000 Hz
  • Range: 210 – 3000 Hz
  • S/N Ratio: 0 dB or better
  • Detectmin : 400msec
  • Detectmax : 25.5 seconds
  • Intertonemax : 300 msec
  • Additional Details

  • The Two Tone Detector Module (TTDMOD) PCB detects Sinusoid signals and provides the frequency of the sinusoid to the RXC-3000 processor. When installed, the RXC-3000 detects the TTDMOD and activates the portion of its program that is dedicated to single and two-tone detection.
  • If the TTDMOD is not installed, the RXC-3000 will display on its LCD screen that the option is not installed.
  • If the signal to be decoded has white noise, voice or other tones present, the TTDMOD first removes all signals except for repeating sinusoids and then will present the information for the LARGEST sinusoid only. All other sinusoids are ignored.
  • If the signal is highly distorted and full of harmonics, the TTDMOD may have a more difficult time detecting the frequency. As long as the main signal is larger than the harmonics or phasing, the TTDMOD will find the frequency.
  • Part Number: 3K-TTDMOD
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