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New RXC-3080-Trbo with Virtual DTMF signaling works with Motorola MotoTRBO portable and mobile radios in true digital mode.



Paging & DTMF Decoder / Logic Controller / Radio Receiver




Mounted in an all weather case, with a locking door, the RXC-3000 is ready to receive and decode up to 20 Two-Tone / Single Tone paging codes and/or 16 individual DTMF codes transmitted over the air from a manual keypad or automatic paging system.

After the activation codes have been detected, the Controller side of the RXC-3000 goes to work running your programs that perform the necessary actions to get the job done.

Paging codes can be Two-Tone, single tone, all call or burst, and can have durations from .3 seconds per tone up to 25 seconds each.

Mix and match any of these codes as you like. The RXC-3000 is fully programmable so you have have different "A" tones for each group, different "B" tones, varying minimum tone times, or any combination of the above.

The all digital, microprocessor controlled circuit gives the precision and flexibility that are necessary for today's demanding applications.

Inputs / Outputs

The RXC-3000 is equipped with 4 switches that can be set to trigger any of the same actions performed via radio commands. These 4 inputs, plus 4 more for a total of 8 inputs, can attached to remote sensors, switches, etc. The unit also has 8 outputs. 5 of these have heavy duty relays with quick plug connectors. The three remaining outputs are solid-state.


Outputs can be programmed to turn on/off, pulse, latch, interlock, flash, toggle, and reverse state.

Inputs can be examined on an individual, nibble, or port wide basis.

Data from the 16 position internal switch is used to add additional flexibility to your programs and can be used for altering program execution, identifying particular sites, selecting type of relay action, and many more.

Programming can be changed on site using Genave's exclusive Twist-n-Touch control knob.

When extra deep programming changes are necessary, ComStarG™ programming software is available and allows you to add new functions, change function names, and enter logic associations for unique applications. ComStarG is also helpful when programming a large number of RXC's since the entire program can be uploaded with a USB connection to your computer.

Main Control Board

Features and layout of a standard RXC-3000 motherboard. The LCD screen has been removed to show the board sub-level. Some features very by individual model.

  Service and Installation Manual - RXC-3000


The RXC-3000 comes equipped with a large LCD screen and can program the screen to display ...

  • Operator prompts
  • Troubleshooting messages
  • Counters
  • Decoded DTMF information or any other type of messages for normal or emergency type situations.

DTMF "Wildcard"

Of course the RXC-3000 understands all 16 DTMF characters, plus it allows you to

  • Use "wildcard" characters in any position.
  • Exclude or allow only certain characters.
  • Examine and dissect any DTMF code.
  • Transfer sections of complete DTMF codes to memory.

The "wildcard" feature of the RXC-3000 is the most powerful in the communications signaling world!

Tough Unit

  • Lightning protection
  • Filtered power supply
  • High current relays
  • High Strength Polycarbonate
  • Lockable door

All of these plus more make the RXC-3000 ready for the harsh reality of long service.

Quality Radio Receiver

Excellent sensitivity and high selectivity of this synthesized receiver provide the punch to perform in fringe reception areas as well as high radio traffic areas of the cities. The receiver can be programmed for Wide Band or Narrow Band, and is available in VHF or UHF models.

  • VHF - 150.0000 MHz to 174.0000 MHZ
  • UHF - 450.0000 MHz to 490.0000 MHZ
  • CTCSS - All Standard EIA Tones. Encode and Decode
  • DCS on select models - All Standard Digital Codes. Encode and Decode
  • Narrow-band and Wide-band Selectable
  • Quick 1/4 turn, BNC Connector

DTMF Decode

  • Mark, min 20 msec
  • Space, min 20 msec
  • Sensitivity 200 mv p-p min
  • 4 v p-p max
  • Twist +/- 6dB
  • Inter-word 0 to 25 seconds
  • 3 character max length per each DTMF code

DTMF Encoder

  • Mark Time .02 to 25 seconds
  • Space Time .02 to 25 seconds
  • Characters 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,*,#,A,B,C,D
  • Code, max 60 characters
  • Amplitude, max 1.0 v p-p

Tone Decode

  • Accuracy > 0.2 %
  • Selectivity, adjustable from 0 to 4000 Hz
  • Inter-tone gap, max 300 msec.
  • Range 250 - 4000 Hz
  • Detect, min 700 msec.
  • Detect, max 25.5 seconds

Tone Encoder

  • Accuracy +/- 0.056% / KHz
  • Speed, max .02 second
  • THD less than 3%
  • # Generators 2
  • Amplitude, max 1.0 v p-p
  • Range 250 - 4000 Hz

Program Memory

EEPROM 9K byte, No battery needed.

User Switch

Continuous Rotary

LCD Driver

  • Width 1 to 40 character
  • Lines 1 or 2 line
  • Font Upper & Lower

Communications Port

  • USB

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