New Models - MotoTRBO

New RXC-3080-Trbo with Virtual DTMF signaling works with Motorola MotoTRBO portable and mobile radios in true digital mode.






Ready to work for you to cover areas indoors and out where you need to notify people in an instant.

Available in VHF and UHF radio frequencies or license-free digital activation, the RXC-3080 packs audio punch to get attention.

  • 20 different siren & alarm sounds.
  • VHF and UHF models deliver live messages.
  • Optional digital voice playback module stores up to 98 custom messages or alarm sounds.



Distributed System - Add or move as needed

Each unit is completely independent and self-contained. They can be moved or additional units added without reprogramming or changing the system. In dynamic situations such as construction sites they can be quickly moved as the work progresses. Factory and Industrial customers can easily place them in optimum locations to cover the maximum area and overcome loud machinery.



Remote or Local Activation

  • Portable radios.
  • Dispatch centers.
  • Emergency push button stations.
  • Mobile radios.
  • License free digital wireless.
  • Telephone activation.
  • Encrypted mesh radio network.
  • Local push button or key switch.
  • Time-clock triggers. Multiple time-of-day, day-of-week, week-end lockout, month selections, etc.



Sound / Messages / Control

When activated the RXC-3000 can deliver alarm sounds, live voice messages or replay stored messages and voice commands depending on the configuration.

It can also simultaneously control other devices such as lights, gates, signs, etc.

It automatically resets when finished. You can adjust the reset times in the field, without needing a computer.




Multiple Power Options

Flexible power sources are available to fit any application.

  • 120 ac volt plug.
  • 12 volt dc.
  • Solar power.
  • 90 to 240 volt ac.
  • Battery backup.
  • 24 to 78 volt dc.
  • Isolated dc power.




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With it's programmable nature, the places you can use the RXC-3800 are limitless, here are just a few :
    • Parks
    • Distribution Centers
    • Steel Yards
    • Athletic Fields
    • Fire Departments
    • Airports
    • Industrial Plants
    • Parking Lots


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