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New RXC-3080-Trbo with Virtual DTMF signaling works with Motorola MotoTRBO portable and mobile radios in true digital mode.





RXC-3000 Features

If you need a flexible, ready-to-work controller operated via two-way radio, then the RXC-3000 is what you want. It's a full-featured unit in a single package.

  • Radio Receiver - VHF or UHF, Narrow Band or Wide Band, Selective Signaling.
  • Signal Decoder.
  • Programmable Controller.
  • Logs command activity.
  • Learn Mode - Detects, analyzes and stores radio commands automatically.
  • Twist-n-Touch™ programming. Change settings, add new codes and update receiver frequencies in the field, all without a computer.
  • Live Dtmf code display. Watch command codes in real-time as they arrive.
  • Optional time clock provides additional features
    • Automatic triggers. Filter on day, week, month.
    • Lockout specific commands based on the time of day. Other commands remain operational.
    • Time / Date stamp the activity log.
    • Automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment.
  • Voltage spike protected I/O.

The RXC-3000 goes beyond a simple radio switch. It can be programmed to control your applications exactly as you need. Relay actions initiated over the radio automatically complete the task.


Upon command from the radio, outputs performs relay actions as a group or individually.

  • Cycle On / Off
  • Pulse / Timed Engage
  • Turn On
  • Turn Off
  • Reverse State
  • Continue Previous Command

Once started, the RXC-3000 will continue to run the outputs automatically or you can issue radio command to stop and reset.




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With it's programmable nature, the RXC-3000 uses are limitless. Here are just a few...
    • Outdoor Warning Sirens
    • Fire Station PA Systems
    • Gate Movement
    • Railroad Track Heaters
    • Lighting Control
    • Access Control
    • Lift Stations
    • Public Safety Maps
    • Police Department Access
    • Communications Tower Lighting - Control / Alarm
    • Pump Activation
    • Agricultural - Irrigation - Ventilation Control
    • Grain Movement - Remote Motor Control & Sequencing
    • Power System Control
    • Distributed Systems
    • Industrial Plants & Machines

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